I still have love for things such as Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Tokidoki and other character with large eyes, multi-colored hair and/or who is an anthropomorphic cat, bunny, unicorn or puppy.

Perhaps I’m still a child at heart, but you cannot deny cuteness when you see it.  And I know I’m not alone– and the world of fashion knows it, too.

Characters such as Hello Kitty isn’t just popping up in jewelry, clothing and accessories in Claire’s.  They’re on stylish purses, name-brand designs and classy jewelry.  In Sacramento, there is especially no exception.

Sure, Hello Kitty and her cute counterparts can be found on a shirt in the mall– HK even has her own store in Arden Fair (Sanrio).  But what if you’re looking for those mature-yet-adorable HK items that are unique?  What if you’re looking for something hardly anyone else will have?

Downtown and Midtown Sacramento know you (and I) very well– currently, Heart Clothing Boutique is carrying a variety of HK purses and bags that made me gush at my desk as I was browsing their inventory on their Facebook page.  If you’re looking for some quality Hello Kitty accessories to add to your personal style, look no further!  Heart Clothing Boutique in Sacramento has got you covered!