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Due to reasons I will not post, I have quit my internship with CollegeFashionista– if you’re interested in being a Style Guru for that site and wanted some input, feel free to drop me a line for my honest opinion about the internship :)!

Anyways, I got to meet up with Vannessa Lewis to do a shoot for casual college campus attire!  Her shoes are my favorite part of this ensemble– the back heels are studded and sparkly~
Sanchez09252014 Sanchez09252014-2I also have a thing for stripes– especially with sweaters (and now that Spongebob Squarepants song is playing in your head…).  Needless to say, I endorse this outfit and I would actually wear something like this to school!

Vannessa and I go way back and even did cheer in high school together (please don’t ever talk to me about high school cheer. Ever.).  It was nice to briefly catch up with her– hopefully when the weather in Sacramento gets colder we can meet on campus for coffee!  Currently, she’s studying Child Development and had quite a lot going in her life: on a track to get a degree from a four-year degree, a job she enjoys, a great sense of humor and a warm heart.  I am proud to know this young woman and I love talking to her about anything from fashion to life happenings.