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I am finishing up some posts I never got to do so I can further close this blog and focus on my designs as Pixiegift Fashions.  I’ve found this gem to post– some designer inspiratiion from Yummy Honey‘s Kushinda Little!

Q: At what point in life did you realize that you wanted to pursue fashion design?
Well most say music, or art but it is a very early memory of my childhood, to be in fashion.

Did you play with other expressive mediums (painting, theatre, music, etc.) before diving into the fashion world as a designer?
Yes I have worked in musical theater as a costume designer I made clothing for boardwalk shows as Sugar, Chicago, and The King and I. In music sometimes I dabble in some singing.
I was always diving into fashion at a very young age. I have been a fashionable person, I stared off in my carrer was in Oakland where I worked at a clothing boutique and 112 from Bad boy came in and asked me to Dress them for there show. As soon as they told me I instantly put looks together for them to perform in and also some tour clothing for there days to day.

And what is it about fashion that makes you want to pursue it?
The Reason why I pursed a career in fashion was initially of me being just a artist.

Some people don’t consider fashion as an art form, while others adamantly defend it as art. As a successful designer, do you see fashion as art?
Fashion is Art any form of expression in art whether it is fashion, music, dance, and the other analytic forms like architecture,

Fashion allows the designer to express themselves without words to the world– at times, some designers mention how vulnerable they feel when they put their vision on a runway or in a store and allow it to be viewed and evaluated by the public. As a designer do you feel any sort of vulnerability when you put yourself and your designs out to the public eye? How do you describe the feeling of having your garments displayed for others to view?
As a designer when my visions are put on the runway, there is more of a freedom than being vulnerable. Because the feeling i’m portraying when other view my piece are Freedom, strength, and fun.

Fashion can be difficult because the designer themselves are to create for the customers’ wants while still keeping to their own vision– do you find it hard maintaining that balance between creating designs that are true to you as well as creating designs that appeal to potential customers?
When I design I always have my consumer in mind, I do some market research and find out what is the need and how to create something that is suitable for that need and still push my creative concepts.

What advice would you give someone reading this right now who wishes to pursue a career in the fashion industry– especially aspiring designers?
To really educate yourself, whether its going to school or working under a designer, There is no need to rush the process because when you do you end up effecting the outcome. Ask questions, even if you feel like you know the answers

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