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Want to go to Sacramento Fashion Week and not worry about the hassle of parking? With using the Uber app, you can do just that!

New users of Uber will be rewarded with free rides for SACFW all the while cutting down their traveling expenses and having extra cash to spend during the event! And for the newest user who utilizes the app the most during SACFW will earn a lovely prize package of Uber Credits—who doesn’t like free rides all around Sacramento?

Shopping Sacramento’s stylish Midtown has become that much easier for us because of Uber—whose private drivers will be able to provide you transportation at your convince, riding up in black luxury cars that are sure to make heads turn! For those who are a bit skeptical about using this service, what better way to use it than for free to go to one of Sacramento’s most anticipated fashion events of the year?

So download the app, call up some friends, purchase your SACFW tickets here and enjoy yourself this February in style!

And don’t forget the promo code for free rides!: SacFashionVIP