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Carol Marshell is an entrepreneur from Sacramento State University who has been successful with not only fashion, but graphic design, writing and her brand Free Island.  When I first met Carol, we were both assisting at the 2012 Launch x Fashion Showcase and I was not only honored to work with such a dedicated, professional and hard working individual but I was also honored by her friendliness and humbleness.  To this day I still am in awe by what all Carol accomplishes as she is taking business into her own hands and working to establish herself rather than to work under others– truly, if anyone needs inspiration to be independent and business savvy, Carol is the person to look towards.


SSBG: Free Island is a lifestyle brand which with its own apparel– what attitude of FBI do you try to express through your garments?

Carol Marshell: The attitude of Free Island is females like myself- strong, rule breakin’, goal-oriented, tough females. The classy, weird, bossy girl. The tom boys gone girlie, good girls gone bad gone good, smart valley girls and the cool nerds… anyone who doesn’t adhere to the standards of society.

Growing up I loved wearing t-shirts who expressed who I was, or how I was feeling at a time.

Today I still have that passion, which kind of geared the way to me wanting to design my own shirts, some shirts represent a state of mind I was at in a period of my life.

My latest shirt ‘STOP PRETENDING’ came about during period of time when I was surrounded by people pretending to be someone they were not, after ejecting those people in my life, it was liberating a breath of fresh air, and my shirt was an expression of that moment in my life.

Not only does FI work with apparel but its also a blog– what topics does the blog cover? With so many blogs live on the Internet what do you feel FI’s blog brings to the table?

On FI we write about inspiration to the every day female, they can leave my blog with something more than fashion advice, or random information. My goal as a blog is to leave them with a message that some how to makes them a better person, causes them to think, aspire to their dreams… and maybe find ways to keep calm so you won’t have to slap a b*tch.

I believe my blog is very genuine; it’s inspiration for those who need it in a world that may be very blah.

Does your vision for FI expanding beyond the Internet and as a tangible store, magazine. etc.?

A fact some may not realize about me is that although I love fashion, and digital art I really have true passion for writing.

In the future I see FI expanding, as it’s own book, largely because some blog posts are based off things I’ve gone through personally, starting my company was a story in itself, and this journey has been amazing I want to share it.

So I’ve already named my book, ‘That Bxtch On Free Island’. For now but it changes… LOL.

Other than FI you’ve worked on fashion show and fashion related events– obviously fashion is a part of FI but what is fashion to you, personally?

Ever since I was a teenager I used t-shirts to express how I was feeling or who I was at the moment, and that still hasn’t changed. Fashion expresses who I am as a person.

On top of fashion and running your own business you have an outstanding graphic design portfolio– what made you interested in digital art?

My love for digital art started with my father who forced me to design our Christmas Cards every year on our computer when I was about 8 years old.

I loved to write since I was about 13 years old, I have an online diary hidden somewhere on the Internet, and I saw people who created personal blogs with their journals and beautiful layouts. I wanted to do the same thing for my online blog, so I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop and make my own layouts. My father always inspired my creative side, and I’m very blessed to have parents like them.