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I first stumbled upon Fuschia Couture when I was an intern for Article Consignment Boutique– I just launched SSBG a while back and was looking for topics to write about.  I then began writing about local small businesses and Sacramento designers who had their stuff displayed at Article– I figured the role of a blogger was to keep people informed, so why not inform my readers about brands they may have never heard of?  During my internship I was fascinated by the article of clothing by Fuschia Couture, and wrote a small post for them– who would have known they’d find it and I’d begin to have a blogging relationship with the brand?  It was one of the first times a local had contacted me about my blog– I was surprised and honored that they found me and have been enchanted by their designs and good nature ever since.

SSBG: Not many local designers chose to work with bamboo fiber– why does Fuschia Couture decide to use it?

Liliana Chavez Cardona – Designer and Owner of FC:  I decided to work with BF for several reasons. First, when I created FC and was researching the various types of textiles – I came across and article about bamboo fiber, I began to read several articles and became fascinated and intrigued by the process, so when I found out it was an Eco-friendly material, there was no doubt in my mind this would be my focus. When I ordered samples and variations in weight, I loved the softness and yet, its hardiness. I knew I would have the ability to design and manufacture an assortment of pieces and various collections in the same material. Lastly, I wanted to expose my peers to a new product, as a new emerging designer I wanted to make sure I stood out from various brands and designers, I think little by little I am gaining recognition.

Are there any textiles out there that you haven’t used yet but you want to incorporate into your fashion brand?

Good question. At this moment, I will be working with BF for a very long time, this textile has so much to offer, I am only scratching the surface. Aside from BF, I incorporated Cone Denim and their S-Gene, and with both textiles I have been able to play and create combination pieces that fit amazing…

Fuschia Couture has recently put out shirt designs to support Breast Cancer Awareness– what inspired you to create shirts for this particular cause?

BC hits home. Two years ago, my sister-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 (young mother and wife). When I was asked by RackN Boutique in Folsom, if I wanted to participate to raise funds for a non-profit, I had no hesitation. Sometimes as individuals we do not become supporters or truly become aware of its effect and the great organizations that need everyone’s support, unless you are directly affected. So my goal was to bring out awareness without saying why I was helping raise funds and why I was a big supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Fuschia Couture has been seen on Good Day Sacramento, magazines and now in fitness competitions. What other outlets do you hope to see Fuschia Couture?

San Francisco Fashion Week and NY Fashion Week, and definitely a big feature on Vogue or something like that.

Who or what are your greatest influences when it comes to design?

Honestly the fabric its self, I sit there and place pieces on the dress form to see how it sits and flows, along with that Pantone and Comfort are my biggest influences. Google, from time to time I will research fashion trends so I can come with something different.

Will you be vending or showcasing any new designs at an upcoming fashion event?

I am hoping to have a vendor booth and/or showcase at the Women’s Expo, if that is not the case, at least a great photo shoot to have a virtual showcase of my new designs.

What words of guidance would you give aspiring individuals in Sacramento who are pursuing their dream of becoming a fashion designer?

You don’t have to have a degree in fashion to become a designer, belief in your talent first, so others can admire your creations. At the same time as I am learning how the fashion world works, connections and knowing the ropes makes a difference from being exposed and recognized of one’s hard work. So if one truly aspires to make a hobby a career, I would suggest some sort of preparation, and take some courses, certifications, and/or a full on degree in Fashion. It will help you get connect, learn the outlets of marketing and it will help you validate your talent.