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Stylist, designer and fellow Hornet Morrison Rochanavongwilai is someone I admire– an individual driven with passion and one who sticks to his own identity, I was honored when he offered to do an interview for my blog!  I hope everyone takes the time to read this interview– I was literally blown away by how thoughtful Morrison’s responses were and I hope that he is able to inspire those who need that push of encouragement to follow their dreams.

SSBG: At what moment did you know that you wanted to be a designer?

Morrison – Stylist of DESMO Styling House and Designer: Fashion design has always had a special place in my heart. My mom would sometime come into my room at night to check on me only to find her son reading Elle, Harper’s Bizarre, and Vogue magazines– haha! I would sketch on anything I can get my hands on: napkins, binder papers, newspapers and especially copy papers. It did get me into a lot trouble because it would be a family dinner and I’m expected to eat, but instead, I’m drawing on multiple napkins or making a dress out of it. The moment I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer was when I realized the amount of passion, time and effort I put into fashion. It has always been a dream of mines and that fire I had when I was a sophomore in high school still burns passionately ‘til today.

Who or what are your greatest influences when it comes to your designs?

I am heavily inspired by romanticism. The idea of iridescence, and purity can easily be seen in my designs. With that being said, I like to display a lot of motifs and aesthetics from Greek mythology, Rococo/Baroque era, Romantic period, 1920’s, etc. The very first designer that inspired me to design is Vera Wang. I started my interest in wedding gowns and when I found out she also design ready-to-wear collections; I fell in love with the industry even more. I also love Versace and what the brand brings to the runway. The brand’s aesthetics have qualities such as sophistication, business-meet-chic and it inspires me to design.

What is the your design process? Do you sketch your designs? Do you make an concept/inspiration board? Do you play around with the fabrics and stumble upon your designs? Etc?

My design process is time consuming, very thoughtful, and you can definitely see quality within my work and results. I take a couple days to think and another day to plan it out. I keep in mind the concepts, era, season, trend, colors and most importantly, the question whether the designs would be a piece of artwork my fans would wear. I try to depict the dresses in a scenario and see how it would flow in that circumstance or situation. After I have carefully and thoroughly plan it out, I write it down and proceed to sketch. I don’t sketch a lot, but when I do, I make sure it’s quality work. I am all about producing quality work that’s original, and uniquely my own.

Currently you are half of the styling duo DESMO Styling House. What kind of styling work does DESMO Styling House do/done? How does one contact DESMO for work?

That is very true. DESMO Styling House is a line that my partner, Desiree Vae and I created to service any fashion-related events, shows, and people who seek styling advice, etc. Desiree and I have very distinct, unique styles of our own. Although, something about our styles becomes magical and even better when blended–haha. The results are very promising for we always get great reviews and thought-provoking questions from our fans about our styles during and after every event. We teamed up with KrazyMary’s Boutique a couple months ago and had the opportunity to style for the fashion show during the Uptown Fashion Night Out event. That basically created a foundation for us and so KrazyMary’s Boutique will always have a special place in our hearts. We also worked with Sei Bella’s Boutique at The Good Life event where there was a fashion show as well and that was one of the greatest experiences to be a part of. You will also see us style for many photo shoots. Our line started not too long ago, but we are booked almost every weekdays and weekends for fashion shows and photo shoots. So far, DESMO Styling House is going down towards the right path and we are excited to launch it very soon. For questions, concerns or booking, you can contact us at our official email: DESMO.bookings@gmail.com. Our fan page and other social medias will be up when the line is ready to be launched. Do keep an eye out for it!

You are styling solo for show in April at Sacramento State– are you intimidated at all by working alone?

It’s a challenge, but Desiree is one of the models that will be walking for me in the show. It gives me great courage and confidence to know she’s supporting me on showcasing my styles, ideas and inspirations. It’s going to be very fun and I cannot wait to live this experience!