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My fellow blogger and fellow Dolldelight model, The Cupcake is a Lie is a fun and friendly individual who is in love with fashion.  I had the honor to do a short interview and I hope you all enjoy reading more about her!

SSBG: A lot of people have played with the idea of model and fewer of those people actually go for it. What got you into modeling? Do you have any advice for people who always wanted to try but are unsure if they can?

Felicia, of The Cupcake is the LieAt Fanime, Hangry & Angry was having a fashion show and accepting fan-model applications. Basically anyone could apply to model for them and had a chance to be accepted. Since I had met H.Naoto at AX and my little brother, Matthew, also really liked their fashion line.  I thought, sure, why not apply? I have nothing to lose. And I was accepted! After that I just applied to any convention or event fashion show featuring a line I liked, and slowly meet people and build working relationship.

I’ve liked fashion for a long time, and knew I didn’t fit into the minimum requirements for American Runway model, however, there are many sorts of alternative modeling opportunities, especially from different countries, or indie-designers. My advice is, as with anything you want to do, you should always try! Because you won’t know until you try. You can do a bunch of research, to build a bit of confidence, but after that, you must step in.

Along with modeling you also have a fashion blog. Can you tell us a little more about your blog and what people would find if they wanted to know more about The Cupcake is a Lie?

A part of my dream is to be a professional blogger. I doubt I can make a living off of it anytime soon, but it doesn’t hurt to start somewhere. If nothing else, my blog is a portfolio for myself to see what sort of outfits I have done, and to reminisce about the events.

I actually have several blogs, Kawaii eto Kowai is my fashion blog, where I post daily outfits, or fashion events. I try to explain a bit about how I put together the outfits, or what sort of fashion those outfits were inspired from.

I also have a modeling blog, which I post specifically about modeling events I participated in.

And, of course a food blog, because food is good.

I am terribly behind on all three blogs, but I focus on the fashion more because it’s my creative outlet. (The model blog is more a portfolio of other people’s work.)

If people want to know more about me, they simply have to ask. I’m much more comfortable having a conversation with someone, then posting details of my life on a public forum. And it’s fun to make friends!

Where did the name ‘The Cupcake is a Lie’ originate from (am I sensing that you’re a fan of Portal)?

Yes! I loved Portal 1, I have yet to finish the second one. I feel that Cupcakes are in line with sweet lolita fashion, and on top of it all, I own a few Cupcake hats. Some people even knew me as “the lolita who wears a cupcake on her head.” These are big hats, the sort they used to sell at Royal Tea. Since it’s not a real cupcake on my head, I thought the name’d be a fun pun.

What is fashion to you and what about it do you like so much?

Fashion is art, and decor. I express myself with clothes. Either my clothes represent how I feel that day, or the outfit is designed around a favorite item. Sometimes it’s fun to challenge myself with fashion, like put things together that aren’t “supposed” to be together. I feel with fashion, there are rules, and those can be fun, but breaking the rules is also fun! Since I don’t have much time for drawing or painting or crafting, fashion is a daily way I can create something for myself to share with others, that hopefully makes them smile or opens their mind a bit to the possibilities. I honestly believe that art, music, fashion will be glue for the world, that creativity will build peace. Instead of hurting each other with war, we can have fun, together.

With 2014 coming, what can we expect from you for the new year? Walking for any particular future shows? Covering any fashion events? Etc.?

For 2014, I will be deepening my relationship with my sponsor PipStarPop. I will work with them to showcase their products, possibly as an “in-house” model. I haven’t committed for any shows in 2014, those often happen a few weeks beforehand.

I will be at SacAnime in January, helping out at PipStarPop’s booth (B12) if anyone wants to visit. In May, I will be at Fanime and possibly Bat’s Day at Disneyland. I might be at AX in July. And around August, I will be moving to L.A., so hopefully any events that Fairytale Boutique or Japan L.A. host, or Disney Lolita Day I can attend.

I often have ideas I want to try, I just haven’t the time to squeeze everything in. But I’m open to collaborations and suggestions!


Picture by: Eskine Noel