Rivengurl and Doll Hart.

Although not a Sacramento local business, Doll Hart of Rubenesque Latex has been a dear friend of mine and has provided me (while working with Rivengurl Hart) my latex to wear at Sacramento events!  For those curious about latex and where to buy it, please read on and get enchanted by Rubenesque Latex!

SSBG: When did you start designing latex apparel?  Did you ever begin with traditional textiles first?

Doll and Rivengurl Hart – Designers of Rubenesque Latex: Doll first starting working with latex in 2011. Rivengurl entered the scene in September 2012. Doll only ever worked with latex, were as Rivengurl started with cosplays in fabrics.

What percentage of your personal wardrobes is latex?  For what occasions do you find yourselves wearing latex?

Surprising very little! The shoe-makers children go bare foot, and all that. Doll has two personal pieces, as does Rivengurl. But, they get lent out all the time, so we’re really not sure if that even counts! We wear them for club events, fashion shows, and vending events mostly.

Why did you settle on ‘Rubenesque’ for your fashions?

Rubenesque means “pleasing curves” despite what all the nay-sayers on the internet say. We wanted to make clothing that would wow the “average” woman’s body, who is NOT a size 2. Our customers on average have a 30 inch waist, and a 40 inch hip. Clothes built for someone a third there size isn’t going to flatter their curves.

Apparel, accessories, mermaid tails and now stuffed animals… whats next for RL?

We are going all over the place! We do anything that pops in our heads! We try not to limit our creative range. If we want to make it, we do!

What do you both consider your greatest accomplishments as designers?

Our one of a kind overlay process defiantly! No other company offers it, it’s more sturdy then applique, and VERY versatile. A very close second is keeping our prices affordable. What’s the point of creating something no one can afford to show off?

For those interested in buying latex, what tips would you have for them in terms of latex care?  What tips do you have for those in search of latex garments of good quality?

Ask about chlorination! It makes wear and care MUCH easier. For the love of GOD, do NOT use over the counter lubricants to shine your latex! It will literally DISSOLVE it. Avoid cheap latex because you most defiantly get what you pay for. Anything less than $16/yd is usually poor quality. And with latex, custom is king! If you want is perfect you make have to save up extra for custom fitted.


Me in my Rubenesque Latex shirt.