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Residing in Northern California but born down in SoCal, Rogue Allure is a Facebook page that feeds one’s fashion fix.  Go ‘like’ her on her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RogueAllure!

SSBG: What are your favorite things to post about?

Rogue Allure – Carissa Garcia: I started out posting about new trends (like nail polish and new lip sticks) but now it seems I post more about travel and fashion adventure. I want to focus on local street fashion from all the places I visit, as well as local eateries and interesting things to do. Its one thing to just repost things from your favorite designers but I want to get out there and talk to fashionistas on the street.

Who/what are your favorite fashion designers/brands?

My all time favorite/go to designer will always be Gwen Stefani and her L.A.M.B line. I believe I own at least 50 pieces. This year during fashion week I was overly impressed with Carolina Herrera’s line.

How would you describe your personal style/taste?

My personal style is all over the map! Every new day I wake up feeling something different. I tend to go for pieces that don’t have logos. I hate logos. Right now all my tops I’m rocking are over sized and I’m still obsessed with skinny jeans. Over sized tops, skinny jeans and flat boots.

Besides fashion, what are your other interests?

What else is there besides fashion? Hahaha just kidding (kind of)… I’m really into nutrition. I believe strongly you are what you eat. In order to feel good and look good in the clothes you choose, one must fuel your body with nutrition, not just “food”. The better you feel on the inside, the better you’ll feel on the outside, if that makes sense.

What would be your dream job (in the fashion industry)?

Visual Merchandising.

Favorite fall/winter 2013 fashion trend?

Over sized knitted tops, tights, with low top ankle flat boots. Seems that is all I’m wearing lately.

Favorite place to shop for apparel?

My new years resolution this past year has been to not buy anything new. At first it was hard, but now I’m obsessed with thirft stores. Some of my most favorite outfits have been purchased for under 20 bucks! I think my resolution back fired on me however because now I own twice as many clothes as before.