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Dear photography and journalism friends of mine have a new project!

SSBG: CosplayCulture is an amazing project– please describe the magazine and your plans for it on your own words.

CC – Anthony Reader: Well we hope to spread the word of cosplay and the anime world with those who share the same interests with us promote cosplayers and give people to correct view on us.  We want to have a printed magazine by the end of 2014 and maybe by 2017 have a small three day convention going, if we are lucky.

Why cosplay? What do you like about the community?

CC – Sarah Wrick: I love dressing up and making things, so cosplay just sort of came naturally to me. It’s fun, it allows you to be creative in a positive environment, and you tend to meet some amazing people at conventions.  For the most part, everyone admires each other’s work and can be very supportive, and that sense of unity really appeals to me.

What conventions do you usually attend?

CC – Mike Pellatt: Right now we mainly attend the Northern California convention scene like SacAnime and Fanime. We’ve been to Anime Matsuri in Texas which was a blast and we plan to expand to the whole United States and hopefully be able to venture to other countries.

How do you define cosplay in your own words?

CC – Des Whittar: Cosplay is a very expensive expression. For me in cosplay I am able to play a character who represents a part of my personality I am unable to express in day to day life, or I am able to model the armor and or design I had fallen in love.

How could those who are interested in CosplayCulture help spread the word about the project and company?

AR:  Like our Facebook page follow our blog on Tumblr and if you have any special skills which you think we could use in the magazine please feel free to email them to us (cosplayculture@gmail.com).

What is the next convention that we can see you all and say ‘hi’?

DW:  Then next convention we are attending is  Winter SacAnime 2014  in Sacramento, CA.

What conventions would you like to attend in the near future?

MP:  In the near future we’re planning on attending Comic Con which is number one on my convention list right now.  I’d like to go to Japan eventually.

Where can cosplayers schedule shoots with CosplayCulture?

SW: Find us on Facebook.
(Go to https://www.facebook.com/CosplayCultureMag and e-mail is acceptable, too!).