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I’m lying in my bed right now, just waking up from not participating in the chaos that is Black Friday. Yet, Small Business Saturday also isn’t in the cards for me as well– most of my money nowadays is going to things such as fabric and notions and this past week I finally purchased the rest of the fabric I needed for a mini-collection.

But just because I’m still in bed doesn’t mean I still cannot support my friends who own small businesses– and not just in Sacramento.  Look below to find a list of stores (in Sacramento and online stores) who you can celebrate SBS with today.

Sacramento Apparel & Fashion:

(STORE) Article Consignment Boutique (5704 Elvas Avenue)
(DESIGNER) Fuschia Couture (ONLINE & IN-STORES- – click link)
(STORE) Ladybuggz Boutique (1903-B Capitol Avenue)
(STORE) Legacy Boutique (2418 K Street)
(DESIGNER) River City Makers Jewelers (ONLINE – click link)
(STORE) Midtownpop (2009 N Street)
(STORE) U.BE.U. Fashion Boutique (1028 2nd Street, Suite C)
(STORE) Urbn Slvg (ONLINE – click link)

***And a very special mention of (STORE) Hut no.8 Sacramento (1338 Howe Avenue), who personally e-mailed me about their opening in July but sadly had to miss because I was going to be out of town for SDCC.  I hope to stop by soon and give my readers a more ‘researched’ post about them and what they have to offer to Sacramento fashion.

Online Small Businesses: (Must have a special sale/promotion going on to get a shout out).

Special shout out to DollDelight who I had to pleasure to model for in and outside of Sacramento– I wore her dress for my last Ladies of Steampunk spread (a local Sacramento publication that is internationally known!).  Please visit her shop: Dolly Dynamite (the sales are fantastic and include free shipping!).  Her Shinbun Kimono and Fairy Paradise exclusive DollDelight dresses are also on sale!

Another shout out to Rubenesque Latex— affordable and comfortable, RL has provided apparel for my photo shoots before and are currently doing free shipping for SBS! They have photo galleries on Facebook and their website, and if you’re looking to buy a custom product made just for you e-mail them here: RubenesqueLatex@gmail.com

If I catch wind of any more Small Business I’d keep updating the list!  Happy shopping!