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I’ve modeled for this designer recently, but I cannot get enough of Jessica Thao and her indie lolita brand Juicy Sweets!

By clicking the link above, you can see my very special interview with Thao and learn more about the designer, her future plans and her artistic prerogative.

One of the basic questions I asked to start of my interview and post for this Sacramento Fashion Week blog post was the most predicable question you can ask a designer– but I felt that it was needed to be asked:

“Tell us a bit about you as a designer– how did you discover your passion for creating fashion?”

She replied:

“I didn’t think I was going to become a designer, really. At first I started making cosplay outfits for myself for convention then for Halloween. I still remember my first outfit; Dead or Alive: Kasumi. Friends started asking me to make cosplay outfits for them and that’s how I started sewing.

I’ve always saw girls in lolita clothes walking around the convention never knowing what it was or what anime it was my friend I high school who is a 24\7 lolita actually introduce me to the fashion line. I started doing all these crazy research on the street fashion, were it originated from, the basic structure and silhouette of the style and the history. Of course at that time around 2006-2007 there wasn’t a lot of information on the style so (she was stuck with) looking at photos and watching brand name labels and studying the photos alone. I put out my first Japanese-inspired line to the public for a charity show at the Robinson park in October 2008. From there I went to school IADT (International Academy of Design and Technology).”

Please check the Sacramento Fashion Week blog to read more about Thao and Juicy Sweets!