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hjilljackPhotography by: Mike Pellatt of Point.Click.Studios.

Not everyone in Sacramento is a cosplayer, so I know that some may not be as prepared as me for this upcoming Halloween.  This post is to help offer tips for costume shopping this October (or for any costumed events in your near future):

  • Shop local: It’s good for Sacramento and good for your wallet.  Excellent places to shop at are Evangeline’s (also good for makeup), Cheap Thrills and Prevues.
  • Shop second-hand: Goodwill is always a good place to start.  Please also keep in mind Article and Freestyle.
  • A good wig: Cheap wigs reflect light like crazy– so if you want to avoid any bright distractions in your Halloween photos, buying a good quality wig is a good investment.  They aren’t exactly cheap so I would buy a wig that you could reuse.  Epic Cosplay and Gothic Lolita Wigs are great vendors who have a free shipping option if it if you order early enough.
  • Fake eyelashes: Making your eyes pop for dramatic effect is key– drugstore fake lashes will suffice.  Dolluxe is also a great brand with free shipping option.
  • Research:  Know what your costume should look like– going off memory isn’t always a good idea.  Have pictures.
  • Prepare:  Wearing make up? Carry it on you so you can touch it up.  Hard to move in your costume?  Bring a friend to help you maneuver.  Prepare– always.
  • Nails:  Paint them so they’re appropriate with your costume.  Can’t figure what color to do?  French manicure or clear– and make sure your nails are in shape.