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I like when local Sacramento artists contribute to my Hello Kitty obsession.  Like Cheryl’s Dope— an artist with unique and trendy accessories with the hip girl in mind.

There’s more to this post than just Hello Kitty, though.  It’s about a talented young lady with a creative gift and a talent to create things that the world definitely needs to be exposed to– raw and undiluted passion.  Please take note– the designers from Sacramento are a real force to be reckon with and deserve recognition.

Last Small Business Saturday, my stylish friend purchased on of Cheryl’s purses– isn’t it rad?  It has a lot of personality and edge.  (The picture is the purse– the model in the picture isn’t my friend.  This was actually found off of the store’s Facebook.)

Did I also mention the jewelry?  And the artist’s ability to do custom orders?

So what are you waiting for, Sacramento?  Check out Cheryl’s Dope.