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This is the third time I have modeled for the J-Fashion Runway for SacAnime and this time I was modeling wa-lolita for Juicy Sweets!

When given my dress assignment I was thrilled to be able to use my floral-themed powered pink fan and one of my regal wigs– they fit the dress perfectly and the entire look was a hit!  The designer Jessica did my make up and she not only has an eye for apparel but make up as well!

js_sas2013_2I had the pleasure to model with three other wonderful and beautiful ladies: my fashion partner-in-crime Jenny (of Artsy Apparel), Angel and Asia!  The theme of the collection was floral and elegance and each gown told a different story yet fit with the other looks to create cohesiveness. As always (or most of the time), I grow an attachment to everything I model so I bought my dress set!

My favorite look out of the four has to be the wedding dress Angel wore– I was so shocked when I saw the dress.  It was amazing!  I fell in love with it as soon as they pulled it out of the dress bag!

Designer Jessica Thao is talented and a total darling and I would be honored to model for her again– I wish Juicy Sweets the best and look forward to the next collection!