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This past Saturday I had the pleasure to see One More Time: a Tribute to Daft Punk at our local Ace of Spades.  It was great to support a local business as well as see a Daft Punk themed show with lights and great songs/remixes.  I heard the show was going to be amazing, and I wasn’t disappointed!  And because I use any chance I get to dress up, I planned and wore this adorable outfit…


Headpiece: dolldelight (see product here)
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs (see product here)
Purse: Dolly Dynamite (see product review here with the link to the product)
Shoes, Top, Skirt: Offbrand
Make up: Urban Decay eye shadow (see product here) with primer (see product here); Wet n’ Wild waterproof liquid eye liner in black (see product here)

 It’s the first time I wore make-up out like this— I was shocked with how satisfied I was doing the leopard print on my face :3  It takes practice, but it’s basically just drawing dots, full circles and half circles!DP_blog2

I don’t know if I’ll ever get to actually see Daft Punk perform live, but One More Time does an amazing job with giving me the DP experience for under $20—their opening act DJ Blackheart was phenomenal as well.  I would have gladly thrown more money at them for a ticket to this concert because it was just that well done—if they ever come back to Sacramento I would not hesitate to buy a ticket!