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New to the local blogging scene, Sara Cathleen of saracathleen.wordpress.com is a student from Davis who is not only fashionable, but talented! I have a lot to say about Sara and how wonderful she is, but this Q&A I did with her successfully speaks for both me as an interviewer blown away by Sara and Sara herself!


What made you decide to start a fashion blog?

I wanted to have a way to organize my inspirations and ideas. It’s nice to have something to show people and say, these are the types of things I love. It also makes going on Pinterest and Polyvore seem more productive. 🙂

What interest do you have in fashion?

I have always been interested in styling. I love putting two pieces together that don’t appear naturally cohesive, and creating an outfit around them. I do not have an exact career in the fashion industry in mind, I am exploring different opportunities and taking in as much as I can right now.

Who are your fashion inspirations?

Vera Wang has been my fashion inspiration for many years. I love the risks she takes in color, patterns, and cuts. Recently I have been inspired by Max Azria and Vince Camuto. I really love the edgy earth tones.

What is one fashion item you own that you cannot live without?

My knee high brown boots. They can transform any pair of skinny jeans into magic. I am so excited for fall so I can start to wear them again.

What do you enjoy to do (non-fashion related)?

I am a singer in an a cappella group at UC Davis. I have always been a performer so it’s nice to have that outlet in college.

What do you hope to gain from fashion blogging?

I hope to find a more concrete personal style, keep up with trends, and create a portfolio of my projects in fashion.