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Sorry for being absent—I was on vacation to San Diego for Comic Con!  I got some cute fashion items there that are exclusive to the event (along with some awesome collectible figures [not pictured here]!) as well as this beautiful Sandman-themed SDCC shirt!  Free buttons and lanyards were also passed out not just at the convention, but all around San Diego—the whole city was in on SDCC!


didn’t buy just exclusives—the hoodies I bought we’re almost half off their online store’s price and I got to try them on and feel the material quality before purchasing!  I couldn’t pass them up after that experience!

I also got to hang out with my designer friend Carlyfornia— she rules ^o^!


I also got to premiere my Handsome Jill/R63 Handsome Jack cosplay—it looks great, but I still want to fix a few things! I am incredibly thankful for the handful of compliments I received on the costume ❤  Most of it was made by myself—the white blouse is an old button down my dad no longer wore, I bought and edited the purse and my mother had to help me with the collar of my blazer.  I actually made all the other props, though!  Surprisingly, cosplay isn’t a big thing at SDCC—but I totally understand that when you’re there you want to dress for comfort [^__^]!


The other days I dressed as Annie Edison from Community (shirt from the NBC online store– also, my face looks funny in that picture below…) and in the Japanese fashion style called gyaru—dress and headpiece by Dolldelight.  I used my new wig from Gothic Lolita Wigs with the free Dolluxe eyelashes I received as a free gift for buying one of their products!  The wig was in almost flawless condition—I just needed to comb things out after it being stuck in a package.  It was a bit frizzy and at first I thought some of the curls weren’t holding up.  However, after using my brush and guiding stands of the synthetic hair to where I wanted it to be, the wig was perfect!   I also bought a wig before buying this one and had to cancel the first order—their employees were more than happy to assist me with my issue.  GLW has wonderful customer service and I hope to buy more wigs from them soon!  And the Dolluxe eyelashes are the best false eyelashes I ever used—I even got the pair of lashes I wanted as my free gift (‘Born to Flirt’)!



SDCC is the best convention I’ve been to—I met some amazing entertainers and amazing fans and I plan to go again next year!  Overall I have to rate everything mentioned in this post…

1. San Diego Comic Con: 5/5 (WOULD GO AGAIN <3)
2. Hello Kitty SDCC Exclusives: 4.5/5 (the purse’s charms feel off recently and I have to put them back on and the paint of the bow began to fall off on the back—nothing I can’t personally fix)
3. Hello Kitty/Ugly Doll SDCC Exclusives: 5/5
4. Sandman SDCC Exclusive shirt: 5/5
5. So So Happy Taco Hoodie in Pink4.5/5 (Terrific service, but the hoodie sheds inside when against certain fabrics)
6. We Love Fine (bought my Pink Ranger hoodie from their booth): 5/5
7. Kwik Sew Pattern #3715 (for blazer): 4/5 (If you’re looking to use this pattern and have never made a jacket before the instructions can be a bit confusing…)
8. Community Greendale Shirt: 5/5
9. Dolldelight Cheetah Gal dress and headpiece: 5/5
10. Gothic Lolita Wigs’s ‘Empress’ (in Chocolate Brown): 5/5 (Fantastic customer service!)
11. Dolluxe ‘Born to Flirt’ lashes: 5/5 (BEST LASHES I EVER USED)