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Or ‘handsome’.  She accepts either adjective!


I was really hoping to get my r63/gender bender Handsome Jack (Borderlands 2) cosplay done by San Diego Comic Con– however Dameon Clarke, the voice of the character, was is Sacramento (at Sac-Con) last Sunday so I had to dress up that day when I got my copy of the video game autographed!  I didn’t have the jacket nor did I have time to make the white shirt, sadly.  And the make-up.  But I made the orange top that night before the convention!  Still, Clarke was incredibly chill and had the Handsome Jack sense of humor.

Plus, when he signed my game he referred to me as a Siren– a specific class in the video game who have mystical powers and only six can exist at one time.  AND HE TOLD ME I WAS A SIREN.  THIS IS CANNON!  So now I’m really tempted to do a Maya the Siren cosplay after my r63 Jack!


I also met Grey Delisle again– and she remembered me from SacAnime Winter 2013 and Twitter!  She literally squealed my name as I came by to get her to sign an Avatar: The Last Airbender DVD– as in I didn’t say my name in front of her or anything.  She just knew it was me and she used my Twitter account’s name to further convince me that she knew who I was.  Honestly, I never thought that would happen to me!


SacAnime Winter 2013 ❤ Grey Delisle and I (wearing dolldelight)!

Also ran into the creators of the new local indie comic Blinth, which I REALLY WANTED A COPY OF BUT WAS TOO LATE.  They sold out by the time I got to their booth in Artists’ Alley.  However, I got to take a picture with the display– my convention experience could not have been better!


Even today I’m still in awe over Sac-Con— I cannot wait for what future conventions have in store for me!