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Jenny and I (hey!  We’re Artsy Apparel!)  modeled for dolldelight again– this time at Fanime 2013!

Jenny rocked the Kuro Ero set to a ‘T’!  She and I kind of matched a bit with out edgy-esque outfits.  I was honored to wear Cyril Lumboy’s new dress– named ‘Her Rocking Highness’!  I’m not used to modeling anything ‘punk’ related– I was actually scared to do so!  ‘What if I couldn’t channel the unabashed spirit of the dress?’ was the thought plaguing my head for the week before Fanime’s ‘dolldelight panel x fashion show‘ panel.  However, I tried my best and I think I did well!

Did I mention that it was also weird knowing I was a red-head for the show?  I never thought that hair color would look good on me!

Dolldelight dresses also seen at the fashion show/panel: Garden of Eve, Nevermore.


The convention itself was pretty fun– I went with Jenny and another really good friend of ours (Cole)!  Jenny and I got jewelry from Lokisa and all three of us got a kick out of all the cosplayers!


We were all sad that we had to miss most of Clockwork Alchemy due to getting ready for the panel and whatnot, but we were all impressed with what we saw!  We also got to meet some really talented photographers: Art Koch and Antapix!  Jenny also took pictures with me in my first Pika Pika booth!  All photographs featured us in dolldelight attire (Cole kept the spirit of the nature of the conventions with a Captain Marvel shirt)!

dd_fanime4Next year we all want to attend both conventions again– especially to view more of Clockwork Alchemy!