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So, Fuschia Couture has been updating their social media lately and I’ve been super excited to see local Sacramento designers stay active in our local growing fashion community!


I got a dress from them a while ago and I absolutely adore it!  Its as comfortable as it is versatile and comes in other flattering colors!  For the event I was going to that day, I wore the dress over a white button up– dressing up my look a little.  On most days I wear the dress as is with a cute summer shoe– especially now that it’s starting to get warmer and sunnier!

You can still find FC at local Sacramento boutiques– with Article Consignment being one of my favorites!  Be sure to check out FC’s jewelry as well!  If you’re interested in what FC is cooking up next, their Facebook and Twitter will keep you well informed on their progress– complete with pictures!

Above is a dress preview for their Summer apparel.  One of the many things I respect from FC is that they always have amazing color choices– instead of going the easy route, FC likes to go bold and stand out; they create apparel for people who aren’t afraid to be seen.  The brand emits confidence and style without sacrificing comfort– FC is a great source for quality apparel at affordable costs.  Not to mention, FC has a lot of heart– which you can tell from their clothes.  And that’s really what makes me support and wear FC– I know that I’m wearing more than just a product.  I’m wearing something that represents the designers– individuals with a lot of passion and love for what they do.

I can proudly say I wear FC because I want to wear fashionable clothing created by designers that deserve to be represented by not just locally but the entire fashion community.