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Thanks to http://jsiopongco.com/, I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award!  The award doesn’t mean as much to me as the person who nominated me– without Jennifer I probably wouldn’t be where I am now.  When I first met her I was just a blogger trying to collect hobbies to seem remotely interesting– if it wasn’t for her, I probably wouldn’t have found a passion for fashion blogging nor realize what all I can do not only as a fashion blogger but as an individual in the Sacramento fashion community.  She has been an amazing and supportive friend in the time I have known her and I always look forward to her daily blog posts.

So thank you Jennifer– for everything.  For everything I can’t find the words for, for all the stressful moments and for all the good times.  I’m excited to see what you’ll be doing in the future.


The Rules

1. Firstly you are to thank the person who nominated you.
2. On your post, include a link to their blog.
3. Select 15 blogs you´ve recently discovered or follow regularly
4. Nominate those Bloggers for the Versatile Award! leave a link on their page and comment on their latest post to let them know they’ve been nominated. (You cannot nominate someone you’ve already nominated)
5. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

My Nominations: 

1. http://jsiopongco.com/ (can I do that?  She’s already been nominated…)
2. http://juniperjames.wordpress.com/ (A big inspiration to my blogging!)
3. http://blog.dolldelight.com/(An extremely talented designer who I’ve had the honor to model for.)
4.  My partner-in-crime, the talented Jenny L. at artsyapparel.blogspot.com/ 
5. http://modaelegantebysimonevianna.blogspot.com/ (Been an extremely helpful mentor in my journey– I am thankful!)
6. http://thelipstickgiraffe.com/ (Thank you for being my first real follower!  I never thought that in my life that someone ho care about my little ol’ blog!)
7. http://freebxtchisland.com/ (Carol is extremely multi-talented and business savvy– I’m always excited to see her blog posts!)

8. – 15. ??? (I am looking for bloggers to nominate– let me know if you have a blog so I can check it out!  You can be in the running to be nominated for this award!)

7 Things About Me…

1. I love everything about fashion– I’ve been a fashion blogger, stylist, designer, costumer, model and worked on my handful of fashion shows.
2.  I love costumes and cosplay just as much.
3. I get just excited about fashion shows as I do pop-culture conventions.
4. I also have an obsession with alternative fashion.
5.  Another passion of mine is theatre– I started out acting but then completely migrated into costuming.
6. I miss acting, though.  I want to pick it up again but I’m afraid that I’m not good at it anymore… :/
7. I like to be as private as possible– as you can see, I don’t tag my blog posts.  I want to get my blog out there more so starting today I’ll be making my blog more public.