So I’ve been re-vamping my blog! I now put all my social media info on the right (excluding my LinkedIn, which is on my resume page), leaving the space on the post to be for my actual blogging! Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, my other blog (Artsy Apparel) and a signing up for the mailing list is now/have been available for everyone to have access to—exciting, no? Also, look at my new banner header!

Thirdly, I’m at 120 ‘likes’ in Facebook! I’m extremely grateful for all my friends and family who have given a few seconds to click a link and like my page for me! Spamming all your news feeds for a few days was well worth it!

Funny thing is, I was warned recently about my ‘spamming’ of my page. As in I should be aware that people may get annoyed with my constant advertisement of my own blog. On my own Facebook. And that people may hide me from their news feed. And it really confused me—as if that consequence was supposed to make an impact on me. Listen—if you own a blog, a store, a company, in a band, a product, etc., you should be spamming all your social media about it. It’s free advertisement and feel tools to get your [insert what you have, here] out there to the public. People getting annoyed with it? Good—because that means they’re taking notice of it. Should you fear that people will be hiding you from their feeds? Absolutely not. That kind of fear belongs in middle school—I mean really. Take a second and really trying to image what its like to feel scared or paranoid that someone may be hiding you from their news feed on Facebook.

Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal, right? We’re all past that high school mentality, no?

So for those hiding me from their news feeds—go ahead; it’s your news feed. Go hide whoever you want—you should have control of what you’re exposed to and should exercise that freedom. And for those who wish to delete or block me, the same logic goes for you, too. I’m just proud that I have the ability to ‘spam’ your news feed with something positive and productive rather than pointless drama about how all guys are dirt bags or connecting you to Twitter where you read five hundred worthless tweets a day. Or connecting you to an instagram where you can see pictures of my dinners for the past three months. Or connecting you to my Tumblr where I complain about privilege and become a self-proclaimed social justice warrior. Or just be an overall jerk and spread hate on websites.

(In case you didn’t get it—I don’t do the five aforementioned things. And those things are far worse than me sharing my blog on your news feed.  If you’re offended by me advertising my post, just remember that it’s a lot better than airing any ‘drama’ I have.)

I’m not doing this to rant or to bag on anyone—I’m actually here to provide some insight to those who have a product/blog/store/etc. to advertise. I’m just making the case that if you are promoting something, social media sites are free tools to help you do so and that you should be utilizing them in any way, shape or form (while still abiding by the laws and whatnot). Even if people get annoyed and delete you/hide your updates/etc., it’s honestly not that big of a deal; it’s just an internet profile. The fear that someone may not like what you say/do/etc. and will ignore you is something you need to handle both in and out of cyberspace—and if you’re so passionate about what you’re promoting, someone hiding your updates should not be a concern to you. As much as they have a right to exclude your information from their feeds, you have the right to share your Facebook page every so often.

This seems more like a ‘blogging’ post rather than a post about ‘fashion blogging—my apologies. My next post will be much more focused on fashion. Until then, I’ve been thinking of doing a giveaway to everyone following me in any shape/form as a ‘thank you’ for the support—If anyone finds this to be a good idea, speak up! The more people want this to happen the more I’ll be likely to do a giveaway!