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My favorite musical– Cabaret— is playing at Sacramento State University!

This is the first time I’ve been credited for helping with costumes for a college production!  It was a blast to work with such amazing costumers, stitchers and designers on such an incredible show!  If you’re looking for laughs and to be touched to tears at the end (and some really catchy songs) come to the cabaret!

I mostly was in charge of sewing onto other items– I made armbands by scratch, though!  I also did a lot of repairing and editing of costumes so they fit the show.  This experience only confirmed my love for sewing and costumes– this is for sure something I wouldn’t mind pursuing in the future!

I dedicated 30 hours to sewing for THEA 199 credit– I wasn’t expecting my name on the program, too!  It was a pleasant surprise when I went to go see the show!  I plan to do more costuming for Sacramento State in the future– granted, I didn’t get to do the SFA fashion show this semester because of  Cabaret and my commitment to it, but in all honesty it was worth it.  It makes me sad my department will not be doing a Fall 2014 show (it’s a shame really) but don’t fret– I may be designing for other shows soon!  Stay tuned!

(Did you notice how many exclamation points are present in this post?  Haha!)