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Sad that I had to miss my school’s fashion show that is currently going on right now– wish I could see everyone’s designs!

I’m sure all of us are on the way to be the next Richard Hallmarq– representing Sacramento on Project Runway someday (for more info on me meeting Hallmarq in March, see this post on my other blog I co-write with my friend!)!

So I am here at home, catching up on Project Runway on the DVR and sewing a skirt for my sewing class– I am planning on using the skirt (and the vest, my next class assignment) to make a female Handsome Jack/Borderlands 2 cosplay for San Diego Comic Con 2013!  I will only be there on Friday but it’s going to be so worth it!

Sorry I don’t have much time to blog, but school ends in May!  I’m going to see my school’s production of Cabaret tomorrow– I helped costume the show!  So excited to see the whole production!