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It’s been an exact month since I posted– not because I lack any interest or topics.  I am just a busy woman– work, school, resume building, etc.  My energy level has been the lowest it’s been during my college career– in a weird way I seem to be most active (or want to be active) during the late evenings.  Something tells me that I should rest as soon as I get home and wake early in the wee hours of the morning and get work done then.  Maybe I need to limit blogging to once a month.

All I know is I love to just lie in my bed in the silence staring at nothing and focusing on the sound of my breath as I inhale/exhale– I love to just lie around and be fully aware of my existence.  Not about the clothes I wear or the money I have or what car I drive– I want to just lie around and listen to myself breathe and feel my heart beat and be fully aware that inside me is such a complicated organic system that is keeping me alive.  I want to just lie around and be fully engulf in the fact that I am a human being– a beautiful and flawed creature that has lived to see yet another day.  Another cloud.  Another daisy.  Another bird.

I dunno– maybe this is all coming off as me being too pretentious like I’m preparing some spoken word for some really pompous hipster coffee shop.

Anyways, I hope everyone is aware that this week is Sacramento Fashion Week— if you want to see the events going on this week, make sure to check out their website for information.

Also, my college is hosting another fashion show in April— I have yet to decide if I will design this semester.  I have until March 6th to decide and snag four more petite models.

In the meantime, I want to just lie here and breathe.

P.S.: Updated some of my pages up at the top– basically any page that had information about me has been updated.