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Finally. Finally. FINALLY.

I’ve blogged about this before: the color mint.  I’ve been looking for a top this color for almost a year an I finally got this for my twenty-first birthday (yesterday!).  I don’t think it looks terrific on my skin tone– it’s nice, don’t get me wrong.  But I don’t feel the color works for or against me.  However, the top is really cute and is built for my stature and frame so the top as a whole is great for me to wear (^_^).

I planned to only blog about local boutiques and fashion, but I will give credit where credit is due.  This top is $17.80 from Love Culture from Arden Mall.  I really wish I could link the shirt to everyone– however  I cannot find it on the site for the life of me!  So I’ll link you guys to a few other mint tops if you’re interested in buying something similar to my top.

1. Tie front polka dot blouse (not available in mint): [x]
2. Mint polka dot sheer blouse (not a front tie– no lace): [x]
3. Mint lace sleeveless blouse (no polka dots): [x]
4. Mint lace panel cut out blouse (no polka dots): [x]

Tops at these prices make me slightly cringe– I’m so used to buying from stores like Article Consignment where I am paying for amazing quality and great fashions at an affordable cost.  And I like to know where my money is going. I really like sales, discounts and thrifting.  So to those who are looking for something interesting– please do not forget the beauty of local fashion.

My future post will be about a mystery item I found at a local boutique– maybe you could help me identify it (^_^)!