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For the record, I am not abandoning my precious WordPress blog :3

I am co-blogging with fellow CSUS fashion major, cosplayer and Dolldelight model Jenny Lansing!  It is really a blessing that I had a class with this girl and we found out we have the same interests!  And now we finally get to work with each other on a project!

Our first post can be found here while the actual blog URL is here.  We also have a Twitter and a Facebook page set up for the blog!

Jenny and I actually met last semester (Fall) in our Fashion Marketing class– I gave a presentation on steampunk fashion and felt pretty good finding something that was interested yet not too mainstream that would keep the class entertained.  When the class ended for the day, Jenny actually came up to me and started a conversation with me on my presentation and how she liked it because it was in the same realm as cosplaying– a hobby of hers.  My eyes then got really wide with excitement and I swear I flipped from joy!  I finally met   another cosplayer– and one who adored fashion, too!We then started spending more time talking outside of class and eventually became good friends with an idea for a blog: local fashion and local cosplay.

Jenny has done some fashion blogging, PR and modeling and has dreams of being a designer.  She is a seamstress and has a lot to offer to the fashion industry and I am stoked to be along side her for this project.  Please check us out!