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And that is what got my blog almost 300 views today as of 10:37pm.  Insane, right?

All I wanted to do was to show designer Cyril my appreciation for her attending SacAnime Winter 2013– I didn’t know she was going to share my blog with +77,000 Facebookers and all the social media site connected to her!  GAHHHH it’s unbelievable!


I wish I had more to write but I’ve been more tired than usual– I think keeping busy has been draining me.  But I guess pictures do speak a thousand words, so I will rely on the post’s picture content to do the storytelling more than whatever I can write tonight (think of this as just a small update more than an actual post)!  Also, all he viewers that read my blog and their current location– it’s amazing where all the dolldelight fans are located!  We’re everywhere! 😀

Thank you again, Cyril!  Everyone, remember to check out her site!