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I’m still floating in dreamworld right now still refusing to believe that this weekend was not just some wonderful dream in which I was chosen to be a model for Cyril Lumboy of dolldelight.

I’m not sure what I did or how I was able to gain so many good karma points to cash out on the reward of modeling for dolldelight but I guess it’s better to accept that it happened rather to question it.

The above picture goes as follows: my friend and fellow fashionista and anime nerd Jenny, designer Cyril Lumboy and I and Jenny and Cyril.  Yes, Cyril is as sweet as she looks!  I was so starstuck this weekend I was juggling with trying to play it cool without acting like I was ‘too cool for school’.  The best way (for me) to do that was to act as friendly and professional as possible.  I wanted to make a good impression– I wanted to not let anyone down and waste such a wonderful opportunity.


iPhones may not have the best cameras, but they do get the job done!  My best friend Cait was able to get a picture of all us models on stage and take pictures of me after I was done with make-up (make-up done by someone other than my mom!).  I was able to snap a few shots of Jenny, the above picture being the best out of the bunch!

Can you tell that Jenny and I are wearing my new wigs?

I wish I could do an entire post on the whole fashion show yet I was too busy practicing posing and walking backstage I didn’t get to snap any pictures backstage… sorry, readers!


After the show, I bought a bow from the dolldelight booth in the Vendors’/Artists’ area (like I said I would)– and what would you know!  I found the bow with the exact print of the dress I bought from dolldelight on Black Friday 2012!  Too perfect!  Cyril also noticed I was wearing her dress at the convention– she pointed it out in a bit of surprise!  A happy surprise ^___^!

For those who missed buying something from dolldelight, check her storenvy— if anything, I suggest buying at least a cute $10  fascinator (plus $7 shipping, making it a total of $17).  At her booth, they sold for $20 and it would cheaper to buy the accessory online, anyways (so it seems like a deal now, eh?).  Plus, they are both a pin and a barrette (and it’s buy two get one free)!

It’s crazy that I had this opportunity– not only for a short little girl like me to be a runway model, but a runway model for someone so inspiring and well-known!  I value every experience I have had the pleasure to have– especially if it follows my passion for fashion!  I learned a lot this weekend just being around Cyril and the other designers and models and I hope that this isn’t the last time I’ll run into all the new people I met this weekend.


Special thanks to:

Carlyfornia, for being a brilliant MC for the show and being the first designer to ever let me walk a runway for them– everything right I did on that stage this weekend was because of your guidance.  Your support in incredibly valuable to me.

Shelby, for coordinating the fashion show every year that I had the blessing to walk in it and all the shows before that.  You put so much of your time and heart into your project and I hope it continues to grow and inspire people as it has me.

Jenny, Jasmine, Mei and Erika, for being the best Sacramento dolldelight models ever!  It was more than just an honor to work along side you.

Cait, for being the best friend ever.  For coming along with me for the ride.  For supporting me from day one.   For always having faith in me.

Carlos and his brother, Cole, Angelina, Ryan, Mom, Dad, Veronica, Annalisa and GG, for supporting me as soon as hearing about my event and making time in their schedule to make sure to see me walk.  It really did mean the world to me ❤

Erskine, for the wonderful photos of all us models after the show!

Paula and Thea and Dillon– for being an amazing team!  You made me feel very comfortable working towards the common goal of making the fashion show a success and getting people interested in/fall in love all over again with dolldelight.

And of course Cyril Lumboy– for everything.  For making dreams come true.  For being an inspiration.  For the beautiful fashions.  And for doing it all for no one but you and sticking to your guns no matter what.