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I am blessed to have such creative friends around.  My friend is part of the designer duo behind Rubenesque Latex— yeah, that’s right.  Latex fashion.

The designer/friend, Doll, was kind enough to lend me this hounds tooth set for a photo shoot and gave me a crash course in latex care!  Sweet, right?


What did I do when I first opened the package?  That’s right– looked at the seams and the way the garments were constructed.  Latex clothing is such a foreign concept to me– I know thread, needle and textiles like the back of my hand.  But latex?  I was at a loss on how you put everything together so intricately.

Doll had to explain to me that glue is for latex the way thread is for fabric (makes sense– why didn’t I think of that?) and that latex is an expensive thing to work with– $20-$30 a yard?  Suddenly the yards of lace I purchased a month ago don’t seem so pricy…

Doll and Rubenesque Latex has had a lot of success in Massachusetts with what time they have been active with latex– even participating in RAW Boston (yes, we have a RAW Sacramento too– same concept).  The designers have a lot planned for 2013 and with their creativity and high quality construction work they are a force to be reckoned with.

If you guys are interested in latex and want to help my friend Doll out with her fashion dreams, donating to her company’s PayPal would be extremely helpful– she is planning her wedding and has run into a stroke of bad luck with vandalism and could really use any support you can give.

I seriously cannot wait to shoot with the latex apparel and hope that I can spread Rubenesque Latex to Sacramento and expose everyone to something new and interesting and I hope that you will join me in supporting this fashion duo in their pursuit in following their dreams.

Rubenesque Latex’s website:  http://rubenesquelatex.com/

Rubenesque’s Facebook: Go LIKE them!

Donate to Rubenesque Latex: Every cent counts!