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saccondec9I hit up SacCon this past Sunday, and got some amazing stuff from Carlyfornia and Raven Jade

  • Carlyfornia sold me this amazing cupcake hat!  She makes them in many sizes and styles– some with cherries, some as top hats, and much much more!
  • Raven Jade sold me this rad bone ring!  It has finger holes for two fingers and the ring actually matches my next cosplay!  I need to buy more stuff from her, and hopefully I can figure out the rest of my jewelry for my next cosplay so I can purchase more from her!
  • If you also like Raven Jade’s style, go buy some decorum for your home to match your taste in fashion!  Splatterbeast Art is super talented with a unique aesthetic that you’ll definitely appreciate!

I had tons of fun meeting Steve Blum and James O’ Barr and visiting Carlyfornia, Splatterbeast and Raven Jade– thanks a bunch, guys ❤