I am here to blog about fashion, but I’m not here entirely to stand around and point to things and tell you they’re pretty.

I am not a fashion bimbo.  I am not here to post pictures and talk solely about trends.  I am not going to dumb myself down so you will ‘get’ it.

This is my blog.  My writing.  My voice.

I’ll post whatever I want.  And if you don’t think my interests in fashion is ‘cool’ enough or I write too much for you or my vocabulary is not your taste then you can exit out of this window and never visit Sac Style by Gina again.

It’s fine– you won’t hurt my feelings.

I am here to give you substance– not to regurgitate things you’ve already seen.  I am not here talk about ‘pretty’ things as if that’s all there is to this fast-paced industry.  And I am certainly not here to uphold some stigma that fashion majors are stupid or snobby.  I know I’m not perfect nor and I’m trying to say I’m better than anyone or the most interesting person in the world.  Or the smartest.  And I’m not here to assume that everyone things all fashion enthusiasts are bimbos or that I’m anything special.

But today I was told to basically dumb myself down so people would be interested in fashion and what I have to say.  And I should be less serious and focus on pretty clothes.

That can’t be what I have to do for someone to take me seriously…

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