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Dress by: Dolldelight

Thanksgiving has passed and I still haven’t posted about the SFA Fashion Show I helped out with on November 6th… my bad.  Just because it was Thanksgiving break from school didn’t mean that I didn’t have projects and assignments to finish…

And boy, did I.

But I got to make a fake fashion line, sell it, make a website for it, do social media advertisements for it, PR for it, research my target audience and trends, and be a sales rep for it– it was a blessing to experience it.  Even if it was just a simulation.  I gained so much insight from it.

But all of that is done, the semester is winding down I am going to have more time to blog.  However, I have so many topics to talk about– topics pertaining to events a month or two ago.

Ugh… I’m so behind.

I just need a blogging date dedicated to a local jewelry designer, Small Business Saturday findings, my new sunglasses (even though its the rainy Winter season), an exciting bi-annual event in Sac, wigs, my shopping finds from FreeStyle Clothing Exchange, my finds from Sacramento State University, latex fashion and a dress from Fuschia Couture.

I can do this <^_^> !

PS: I bought that dress above ❤