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I cannot do everything I want to do while going to school full time and my job.  I cannot blog as I used to do when it was the Summer.

Also, my phone can no longer hold pictures– so I need to clean that out.

I am not Wonder Woman and I cannot just doing everything I want to do in one day– and besides, I rather be Black Canary.

Anyways, I plan to write about the Future by Design fashion show when I am on my Thanksgiving break.  I hope to do a photo shoot soon with something I created myself (steampunk-themed).

I also want to talk about two local artists, a friend from Boston with an amazing and unique fashion line, unveil my new internship position, and my thrifting success.

Anyways, tomorrow is Cosplay Appreciation Day, and I will leave you all with this: a striking resemblance of anime (Evangelion) in the latest Victoria Secret Fashion Show…