Want to add some style to your smartphone?  Trying adding these free apps below to your phone to unlock maps, games and helpful tools that will surely add some style to your cellular devices!


App One: Midtown Sacramento

With the Midtown Sacramento app, you will be able to locate specific businesses in the Midtown area and well as search for restaurants, art stores and– of course– local boutiques such as Legacy.  Extremely helpful when planning your Second Saturday adventures or just shopping around Midtown!

App Two: Amazon Price Check

Afraid of overpaying on an item? Scan it with Amazon— a name you know, love and can trust!  Let it do an online search for you and see if those boots that you’re dying to buy are available to you at a cheaper price.  This free app will saved you money while still helping you find everything you’re looking for!

App Three: Style Me Girl

A fashion-themed game that isn’t terribly cheesy.  Can be played without purchasing the in-game money with real-life money– it’ll just take some time, so don’t worry about not beating the game with just the regular items; it’s quite possible.  Perfect app for the fashionista who needs an app to entertain her while standing in a long line in the bank or sitting for a while in a dentist’s waiting room.  What’s great about this app is that it does present challenges to the player– it’s not just a random game that tells you all your outfits for your cyber-models are amazing; certain attire are worth certain points, thus ideal scores are not simply handed to the player.


So if you have any memory on your smartphone (or tablet, even!), I do recommend these three apps!

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