BJDs– Ball Jointed Dolls— take ‘fashion doll’ to a whole new level.

I’ve ran into them during my pop culture conventions (such as SacAnime) and have been astounded by their features!  A popular hobby in Asia, BJDs have found their way into American doll-fanatics hearts– being completely customizable: size, eyes, eyelashes, ears, horns/no horns, skin tone, hair, hands, clothing, etc.

Think of them as highly elaborate artist’s mannequin…

Although these dolls can serve the same purpose to fashion designers as the mannequin, one could also make smaller-scale outfits for their BJDs to experiment with their apparel design all the while sticking with accurate proportions and using very little fabric.

But unless you want to shell out around $300 for just a standard BJD base (without clothes and whatnot– just the body), you might want to pass up on this fashion doll unless you are both a hobbyist and a designer.

Unless you’re rolling in money and really want one to use as just your mannequin– then by all means, who am I to tell you how to spend your money?