I stop by after work to…

  • Sign models in for rehearsals
  • Handle paperwork
  • Flag people down
  • Make phone calls
  • Write– mostly notes
  • Network
  • Meet new people
  • Reintroduce myself to people I haven’t seen in a while
  • Introduce myself to people I knew existed but never got to meet until now
  • Meet people who read this blog (hello! :])
  • See some people from CSUS’s SFA
  • Exchange greetings with Seth Aaron
  • Just realize I exchanged greetings with Seth Aaron
  • Have Michael Costello ask me questions
  • Make eye contact with Gordana Gehlhausen
  • Meet some representatives of SFW
  • Get a little nerdy
  • Eat pizza
  • (and a bit of salad)
  • Answer questions
  • Ask questions
  • Play tour guide
  • Give hugs
  • Make people laugh with some dry humor

… and somewhere in between those things I probably did something embarrassing or goofy.

But it doesn’t really matter– I was productive and gained a lot in a span of four hours.  If anything, it helped mold my perspective and ideas of the industry and how I want to make my mark in fashion as a designer.

I hope everyone can make it out to LAUNCH SACRAMENTO 2012 tomorrow evening– see some previous Project Runway contestants’/winner’s new work as well as some really rad local stuff ❤ I promise it will be worth your while…