That sounds like some sexy role-play stuff rather than a fashion trend– maybe if we called it ‘prep school’ it would sound a tad bit more like a fashion trend?

Actually, it kind of reminds me of Nancy Drew.  Anyways, get ready to see some (more):

  • Plaid
  • Peter Pan collars
  • Knee high stockings
  • Cat eye and/or big rimmed horned glasses
  • Button ups under knitted sweater(vests)
  • Loafers
  • Letterman jackets

Should we be excited or a tad weird-ed out?  Because I’m a mixture of both right now.  Sure, the look is cute… but why would I want to dress up in something that resembled a uniform I never had to wear in high school– which was bogus compared to my college life?

Maybe we need a ‘scholar’ trend to highlight an older school girl appearance rather than try to recreate high school uniforms?  You decide.