Studded shoes either give me this western vibe (for the flat studs) or a punk vibe (with pyramid and spiky studs).  Either way, I like this trend– for the most part.

Studs on a shoe can be placed anywhere on any shoe style to give off many looks– some that I like and well as dislike.

For my personal preference, studs look best on a solid color than a print and the spikier, the better.  I would love to learn how to personally stud my own shoes– and I think I have a good idea about how to do so and how to do it well.  However, it make take some time and practice for me.  So maybe I’m better off trying to find some around Midtown?

My cousin just got these and I think they’re stinkin’ cute!  Can’t wait till I can get my own pair of studded shoes!