Pastel hair is becoming a bigger trend for this season but has been holding it’s ground prior to Summer– gracing the head of some fashionable celebrities and musicians such as…

Kelly Osbourne

Nicki Minaj


Traci Hines

In actuality, pastel is becoming it’s own trend in general– even spilling over into the ‘nu goth’ scene to mimic cute-yet-creepy cartoon characters.

Or, it could just be part of that whole, ‘I’m an ironic hipster with a tumblr’ trend.

Either way, I like it.  One of my favorite music artists, Kerli, has always been rocking this style– which reminds me of being something like the American version of Gothic Lolita fashion.

Getting some pastel highlights (or doing your whole head) at a place like Lush Salon & Spa in Sacramento would be a great nod to this trend if you’re looking to indulge in it this season.

As for this pastel/nu goth thing… perhaps take a look at some ‘bubblegum goth’ music videos.