As if I wasn’t envious enough that I can’t knit myself anything to save my life.  NOW THIS? This is A M A Z I N G !

This is the new-age graffiti– often done at the darkest time of the night so no witnesses appear.  So we shouldn’t expect to see a crowd of knitters and crocheters out on a Friday night (or a Second Saturday evening) at Midtown Sacramento.

What we should expect to see?

Yarn covered trees. Yarn covered bike racks. Yarn covered Sacramento.

…And I like it.

In April 2012, the Sacramento Press got the chance to write about this fashionable phenomenon and dial in on a group of yarn-bombers in the Sacramento area– Gorilla Knitting Crew.  If you haven’t yet, please take some time to read the article!  It’s amazing!

So if you see any yarn-bombing around your area, please take the time to stop and appreciate it– all the hard work and artistic vision and talent that went into such a visual spectacle is worth a moment of appreciation!