Have you seen Prada’s latest male print campaign?


I am a fan of anything Victorian, and a lot of people are cheering and applauding the attire!  I would image the Sacramento Steampunk Society would get a kick out of this– as well as all steampunk fans!

It’s a nice breath of fresh air in the realm of men’s fashion– this collection is practically flawless in it’s overall classy, clean and unique look!  The Fall/Winter collection is very sellable and distinct from what has currently been on the men’s market due to the interesting details of these Victorian-inspired suits.  It successfully explores a different aesthetic while still presenting something marketable to the masses.

Gentlemen of steampunk have been praising this collection– an indicator that this collection has done the sci-fi genre justice without making it too cheesy or an embarrassment to the subculture of steampunk.

I give this collection five out of five stars!