Sacramento SwingTime held a fashion show during their event yesterday!

You can view a bathing suit line here.

The show revolves around the vintage pin-up and rockabilly fashion, culture and influence and provides a way for fans of the style to come together and bond over their similar interests.

Other fashion lines were presented during the event, as well as a Pin Up Pageant where a group of lovely women competed for various prizes.

Sacramento SwingTime happens every year and is an event you don’t want to miss!  But don’t forget to dress up!

Ladies– break out the black eyeliner and draw on those cat eyes!  And get a hold of some red lipstick!  Channel your inner pin-up girl and find yourself a flattering dress that gives you that hour-glass figure– which means, find a dress that works for your body and highlights your best assets and hides your physical insecurities.  Nobody’s body is perfect, so no one has the flawless ‘hour glass figure’.  Thus, find a dress that matches you– maybe even add a band for your waist to make it look smaller to make the illusion of an hour-glass.

Animal prints and polka-dots are a nice pattern to rock for your outfit, accessory, etc.

As for hair, tie it all up and throw a bandana on it or curl it and pump up the volume and drama with your bangs!  And a flower in your hair is always a nice touch for either style!

Gentlemen– channel your inner Danny Zuko!  Go casual with some high-top converse, jeans and a fitted t-shirt (and a leather jacket, if it’s chilly) or dress it up with saddle shoes or creepers, a western shirt or even modernize your look with a cardigan, vest, button-up and maybe even a tie!

Rock the big hair, if you dare!