For this post I am going to be introducing two artists instead of one– purely for your pleasure, dear audience :]

The Kandi Shop: I have seen this artist’s work at local Sacramento conventions but I have never had the opportunity to buy something from her.  She specializes in hair bows, tutus outfits and cute accessories that cater to the pop culture fanatics that flock to these cons (See my bunny clip?  Two bucks! So adorable!).  Mixing the raver culture in with her designs, The Kandi Shop is something worth checking out when you have the chance.

Sugar Clay Cafe: Let me clarify– they did not get to go to SacCon this time around and I was really hoping to run into them that day.  However, I have had one of their pins from the Sacramento Anime Convention in Summer 2011– before I had this blog– and I really want to talk about how amazing their stuff is (so I decided to talk about Sugar Clay Cafe here while I’m on the subject on ‘Convention Fashion’)!  That tiny pin pictured above– the one of the cake? It’s scented. Scented. Like cake.


How amazing is that?  Plus, it’s so cute!


Wrapping up my con coverage is somewhat bittersweet– I am ready to take on new topics now with my posts even though really do love sharing my fashion findings at places like SacCon.  I have a few other cons I plan to attend by the end of this year– expect me to share my fashionable findings with you! :]