Alligator claw pin?  I think so!

Raven Jade. She is the queen of bringing out the beauty in death.

Taxidermy animals.
You name it.

But she doesn’t kill for fashion– any animal parts are from animals who have died naturally.  In actuality, she celebrates the beauty of life by making breathtaking art pieces out of creatures who have lived out their life and have laid to rest.

Although the claw was from a previous SacCon, this last convention I bought a button ring from her– it’s lovely and reminds me of the eyes of the Other-Mother from the book-turned-film Coraline.

Coraline was my favorite book as a child and to have a piece of jewelry to reflect that makes me smile for days on end.

Raven Jade is such a sweetheart and can be seen at conventions alongside Splatterbeast ART who is all about the horror genre and his amazing artwork will be sure to send horror film junkies to cloud nine.

These two kind and talented folk deserve your attention– their art is one of the things I look forward to at my SacCons.