The skull bow (top picture) and the sweets necklace (bottom picture) are just two creations from the mind of the talented and amazing artist that is Carlyfornia.

Doing gothic lolita clothing since 1998, Carlyfornia puts her own unique spin on gothic lolita fashion.  For those of you who don’t know, gothic lolita is a style that is like ‘neo-Victorian’ (I’ll do a lolita post soon) and popular at pop culture conventions such as SacCon.

Carlyfornia was featured on Good Day Sacramento, shown here.

I’ve met the artist previous to last SacCon (I met her in 2011) and I always enjoy chatting with her at every pop culture con I go to in Sacramento.  She is truly a delight and is passionate about her work.  Carlyfornia’s friendliness and kindness is as sweet as her creative designs!

I am a proud owner of one of her lolita gowns and countless pieces of jewelry– Love you, Carly!