I just need all of these dolls! ❤


  • Rapunzel: I love her waist-clencher!
  • Mulan:I like how her dress is based off her traditional gown– you can still see the Chinese influence with her hair and bodice!
  • Sleeping Beauty: Her dress reminds me of Cinderella– yet modernized.  And It’s pink ❤
  • Snow White: Her look looks far from ‘cottage-girl’– she looks as if she’s off to the ball!
  • Belle (Beauty): This is exactly how I imagine her gown to be today– modern, elegant and gorgeous!
  • The Frog Princess: Mint green ❤ And I love the two floral accents!
  • The Little Mermaid: Her dress really does reflect the ‘mermaid’ part of Ariel! And the ‘sea’ inspired colors are perfect!
  • Cinderella: I love this!  My favorite dress!
  • Jasmine: I am not used to her without pants… I like how long her hair is… but her attire…
  • Pocahontas: I am surprised how much I like this look– simple, beautiful and classic– my favorite doll out of the bunch!