I used to want to move far far away from Sacramento because it wasn’t ‘city’ enough for me.  I wanted to be in L.A. or S.F. and go shopping everyday at expensive stores and boutiques and dress fabulously and live like they do in the movies.  You could say I was quite a dreamer.

I was planning on graduating high school and go on to study in San Francisco at a school that focused on the fashion industry .  And– maybe perhaps was silly of me to think so– I thought I could go there with hard work, good grades, an outstanding high school resume and with my passion.  At least, that’s what the world tells you– they make you think money doesn’t mean anything because if you gave all of your effort and dedication, colleges will throw money at you so you can attend their campus.

Well I worked hard, and was rewarded with hardly anything.

The dream school was just that– a dream.  Because my hard work, good grades, outstanding high school resume and passion didn’t mean anything because I couldn’t afford the tuition.

At that time, I was not looking forward to staying at home for college.

I can’t explain what happened– maybe because of my broken heart I became driven to prove myself and everyone wrong about my hometown.  Through a broken heart I was still going to pursue my dream of being part of the fashion industry– even if I had to stay in Sacramento.  Through a broken heart I began to search hard and thoroughly in Sacramento for the things it had in common with big cities to prove that just because we’re not L.A. or S.F. doesn’t mean we’re boring.

And among the culture, music and performing arts I found the Midtown district to be some sort of new ray of hope for me.

You see, Sacramento is chalk-full of small boutiques and designers with big dreams that match their big personalities.  These boutiques around Midtown brought fashion to the town of Sacramento better than any large-corporate company that spoon-feeds the masses with unoriginal garments spawned from the bigger cities. The owners of the boutiques were driven by their passion and unique perspectives that doesn’t just bring fashion to Sacramento, but allows Sacramento to develop it’s own style rather than just copying your everyday New York hipster that has been photographed and posted on your favorite online fashion blog.

And the local designers have the same drive and passion– after being so alert for so long it no longer surprises me of all the talent I have seen in local Sacramento fashion shows.

I guess that what I’m trying to say is that I was once like everyone else who lived in Sacramento– I hated it.  But after having one door close on me I had a few more that opened– having to go to Sacramento State University and stay in my hometown rather than go off to San Francisco was indeed a blessing in disguise.  If it wasn’t for that, I would have never have given birth to this drive that made me open my eyes to Sacramento– I would have never have noticed what all Sacramento had to offer not just me with my passion for fashion, but for everyone.

I can’t say that I wish I was born, raised and still residing in a bigger city anymore.  I can’t say that I want to give my money to large businesses that make my shopping so impersonal in comparison to shopping with the local Sacramento boutiques and designers.

I think the only thing I can say now is that I think everyone who wishes to leave Sacramento should try to dig a little deeper because this town may surprise you– it may not look like it offers a lot from it’s exterior, but that’s what’s great about this town.  It’s full of hidden gems that greatly rewards those who seek them.